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Why your child needs an “all hands on deck” approach after treatment …

In today’s therapeutic world there is an overwhelming amount of information for families to process. There are seemingly limitless numbers of therapeutic programs to choose from. These programs work with children to help them facilitate ground breaking changes within themselves. There is no doubt that therapeutic programs working directly with children are changing lives. However, the reality is these changes are often difficult to maintain after transitioning back into the family.

All too often, kids get home and fall into the same old habits and routines. Upon successfully completing a program, parents are typically given coaching tips and keys to success for a healthy transition back into the mainstream. While this information can be transformative, parents sometimes find it difficult to implement. It is very easy to return to the old way of parenting. So who is there to catch these families that fall through the cracks?

Solutions Parenting Support’s belief is that providing a source of guidance to the entire family during these times leads to long-lasting success. This is achieved by collaborating with all support teams involved. Solutions Parenting Support excels in facilitating an all hands-on deck approach to a sustainable transition. Through years of experience and the ability to hold an objective position, they create an environment that allows for increased awareness, sustainable growth and effective decision making. This collaborative approach helps parents maximize the impact of the entire team that supports their child, leading to a holistic, lasting change.

To learn more about this approach, please visit our parent coaching services page.

Solutions Parenting Support, LLC is a nationally recognized parent support and transitional program assisting families during and after wilderness therapy treatment and/or residential treatment programming.  With business offices in Steamboat Springs, CO and Tucson, AZ, the team is supporting parents and families in the United States and globe.  The team of parent coaches and transitional specialists are family system focused, licensed professional therapists and/or licensed social workers with a combined 40+ years of experience working in wilderness therapy programs, varying levels of residential treatment programming and transitional support. 

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